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Angelina Ballerina Academy Terms of Enrolments


Term fees are payable per term, prior to your first class of each term.  You can register and pay via our online system using your PayPal. For full details please see the Fees Section

Our terms coincide with school terms and have approx 9-10 classes. A registration/insurance fee of $20 per student is payable at the time of enrolment.  Students will be covered until Feb 2020 when we will take out the cover again coinciding with enrolments.  Policy details are available upon request.

We offer a Trial Class - The way the trial works is that you get to try before you buy! If after the trial class you decide to go ahead and enrol your child for the term, you then pay the full term fee (including the trial class), whereas if you decide the classes are not for you, then you do not have to pay for the trial.

We offer a 3 week refund period. We know it takes most children 3 weeks to settle in and adjust to our dance program, however if you still decide that our dance classes are not for you after attending 3 consecutive sessions, we will refund you the remaining weeks of the term. You must notify us (info@abdance.com.au) of your decision to withdraw before your 4th session as after this time your fees become non-refundable and cannot be transferred. No refunds will not be issued for classes missed or in the event that you find you cannot continue classes, or failure to notify us of any cancellation.

Absences All absences (no exceptions) from class must be paid for, and no refunds will be given.  This includes sickness and holidays.


It is VERY important all students are dressed appropriately for their dance class to ensure they can move well, and so the teacher can correct posture, see body alignment and ensure they are demonstrating the steps safely. Angelina Ballerina Academy has a NO DENIM and NO STREET CLOTHES policy to all dance classes. We also do not allow jewellery including watches, necklaces or heavy/bulky earings (small studs or sleepers are acceptable). This is for the safety of all students in the class.

All Female Students will need to wear their hair in a neat bun to all classes. It is expected that students have the correct class uniforms after the first two weeks.


The warm-up and stretching component at the start of class is conducted in a safe progression to reduce the potential for injury, muscle aches etc. Missing this part of the class puts bodies at risk of avoidable injury.

Punctuality is especially important for classes as being even 5 minutes late can cause distress and anxiety in some children. It is best to aim to get to your class at least 5 minutes early so students can be prepared to come into the studio in a relaxed and calm nature.

Please ensure you collect your child on time after class. If you are running late, please contact Miss Jen on 0411 521 594 to advise her so we can ensure your child remains in a safe environment until you arrive.



We understand that it can be hard to be available for every class each week especially if your child is unwell, however regular attendance is extremely important for student progression and safety. If you will be missing a lesson (due to holiday or sickness) please advise us in advance via the Parent Portal and click on ‘Attendance’. Choose which child (if you have more than one attending classes), choose their class and the date. Once you log this information it will automatically show these details on our digital class lists in real time.. If your child is feeling a little unwell but feels okay to still come in and watch, this is certainly welcomed especially when preparing for concerts (however any serious contagious illness should be kept at home away from other students and teachers). It is important that students are progressing and developing their skills in a safe manner, so we encourage you to make as many classes as you can. Students who do miss numerous lessons, end up falling behind in their technique and this not only affects their own safety, but in some classes, this can affect the safety of others. Also, please note that we do not offer refunds for any missed classes (see our FEES & PAYMENT section for more details on our fee policy).



Angelina Ballerina Academy follows strict procedures regarding child safety. Some of these include; all teachers carrying a current and valid Working with Children Check, staff on duty carry a first aid certificate, working phone in operation for emergencies, viewing windows where children can be seen, no personal photography or videography of children at events and concerts, appropriate costuming, dance tights/stockings worn under costumes for modesty, appropriate music choices and age appropriate dance choreography etc. For more information about our priority to keep our children safe in our dance school or to ask a specific child safe question, please email Miss Jen on info@abdance.com.au



Parents feedback and comments are always welcomed, however mid-way through a lesson is not an appropriate time. Also, please note that we do not have any break period between most lessons. Please do not use this time before or after class to discuss things in length with the teacher as this will be interfering with the next lessons allocated time. Instead, please contact Miss Jen to discuss your concerns or to give your feedback and this will be passed onto the class teacher with a response (if requested). We do not allow parents to sit in the classroom and watch the class (except for the Baby Boppers classes, however parent spectators in these lessons must remain quiet at all times). Our dance rooms have glass doors and studio 1 has a large viewing window for you to see the lesson. Parents are not required to stay during the length of the class. Allowing your children to be independent for the duration of the lessons is very important as it builds confidence, self-esteem, and the children are often comforted by being able to see you through the window. Parents and spectators watching through the viewing windows must not be disruptive to the students in the class, this includes: knocking on the windows, lip syncing words or suggestions etc.



Angelina Ballerina Academy has a zero tolerance to bullying of any form. This includes behavior towards any other student before, during or after any dance class, in person or online (social media etc.). Our bullying policy also includes bullying between parents, bullying between parents and students or bullying between parents and teachers. Thank you for assisting us in maintaining a friendly, relaxed dance community for everyone to enjoy.




- No food or drink allowed on the dance floor space. Water is the only beverage allowed in the studio. This includes parent spectators and siblings (NO tea/coffee allowed inside the studios). Please enjoy your food and beverages outside on the grass area, waiting area or on the small stage.

- No chewing gum allowed in the studios.

- All mobile phones must be switched off or be put on silent and left alone during the class (including students).

- Spectators in the waiting room MUST keep excessive noise to a minimum (as this noise travels though into class, causing distraction to students). 

- All Terms Of Enrolment stated in the document must be adhered to at all times.



We hold an end of year performance on the second Saturday in December every year (date to be confirmed). This concert is not compulsory but generally 90-95% of our students take part. For the past five years our Concerts have been held at Perth Convention Exhibition Centre, Riverside Theatre. Each class performs one item (the combo classes will perform one item either Ballet, Jazz or Tap). The theme, music and genre of each classes dance routine is normally set by the middle of the year. Costumes are generally purchased from overseas and cost between $70 - $90 each. We ask for a few parent helpers for each class to help look after students backstage and in the big dressing room. This role is for females only, as it is to assist with primarily young girls in changing, applying makeup, and taking them to the toilet etc. Concert Tickets cost is approximately $40 per person.



Angelina Ballerina Academy welcomes feedback at any time of the year! We love hearing how your experience with us has been, whether that be positive or negative, as this gives us a chance to grow and improve our service. We pride ourselves on having friendly and open communication with our parents and appreciate the opportunity to hear from you. Any complaints or feedback must be put in writing via email and attentioned to the Studio Director, Jennifer Sutton via info@abdance.com.au. If you would like to receive a reply, please state this in your email. Generally, responses can take up to 5 working days (depending on the nature of the complaint), however often are responded too more promptly. We appreciate families allowing us the time to manage complaints privately and confidentially without involving third parties on social media etc. as this may be cause for defamation. We really appreciate your co-operation.

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